Saturday, March 5, 2022

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It is this author's opinion, and the Science backs me up, that the damage that Humans are causing to our planet will result in a total mass extinction that would of course include us and that this could come about by the end of this century. This data was collected before the polar ice caps started melting as rapidly as they are releasing far more green house gases than we thought could happen due to the Permafrost melting now accelerating and this is before the recent events in Europe and especially the Ukraine that appear to be mimicking the events just prior to World War II. If we are on the verge of World War III, then, there is no reason to hold this event or any other events. IF we are somehow able to prevent it - we must ALL UNITE to make the 2nd most pressing problem go away - our complete and total dependence on Fossil Fuels. The only way to do this IN TIME is to a completely new economic system.

Lucky for us, there is one just taking shape in the Metaverse. If we all move our total operations to the Metaverse using the systems and methods and suggestions I have discovered - there may still be hope for us. IF NOT- forget about it. We can party for a generation or two, but our children's children will be left to suffocate in our exhaust.

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