Wednesday, May 25, 2022

My Cosmic Brain And The 2nd Big Bang Debuts Today - Get the information your Cosmic Brain deserves.

 My Cosmic Brain  & The Second Big Bang 

- by Michael Mathiesen 

New Science Fiction for those who yearn for a better future.  It's coming!

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My Cosmic Brain - The 2nd Big Bang - by Michael Mathiesen Coming to a universe near you.  Best new Amazon, Audible and Google Book to come along in years. Best-selling-books for 2022 is just over the Event Horizon.  A major new science fiction movie on the magnitude of Star Wars and Star Trek is written all over and through these pages.


My New Book on Amazon and Google Play needs your REVIEW!

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My Cosmic Brain - New Science Fiction Novel that predicts the 2nd Big Bang - BIGGEST, BEST, HOTTEST new book to hit the market now on Amazon - Audible (Soon) and Google Books. 

IF I told you there is a 2nd Big Bang and it's coming at us right now - would you believe me?

New Science Fiction (Fact?) GOES LIVE 



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My Cosmic Brain is a Science Fiction novel that predicts the near future with a 2nd Big Bang.  You thought the first Bang was Big - WAIT 'til you see the 2nd one.


The Number One YouTube Viral Video of the year.   


My Cosmic Brain is a Science Fiction Novel where in the very near future, my hero discovers the 2nd Big Bang after placing his brain inside an aquarium for further scientific study.  In this state of Consciousness - the highest form ever recorded, he is able to 'see' without his eyes and instead sense a world beyond your wildest dreams.  

When the 2nd Big Bang hits in a few years, it will change everything because it is also tied to our DNA molecule and is the primordial biological template for all life in the universe.  Are things going to change around here when it hits?  I'd say so - but you're going to have to read the book to find out more about how the very near future will impact your life. 


Michael Mathiesen, Author, My Cosmic Brain
Michael Mathiesen - Author/Publisher of My Cosmic Brain and about 100 books, audible books, online courses mostly about the latest scientific discoveries but with my own personal twist.

Now, the question that people ask either in all sincerity or in sarcasm is 'Mike - do you honestly think you have a Cosmic Brain?'  

My answer is always the same - 'Yes, of course, because all brains are connected to the Cosmos, not only mine.  What kind of universe would it be if only ONE BRAIN was connected to the universe?  Obviously, it's all or none.  Therefore, you also have a Cosmic Brain.  Everyone does and I prove that in this book and several others that are more scientific in approach.  The only difference between you and me is that I've spent a lifetime trying to improve my cosmic connection using my brain.  

I think that if you don't believe you have a cosmic brain, it's only because you have free will and so you are free to think that of course.  Also, if you don't exercise the cosmic side of your brain, which exists in your entire brain and stem going all the way to the heart, then you are not going to get much out of it - the greatest invention ever.


"My Cosmic Brain is the best  Science Fiction book I have ever read.  A Best Sci-fi Book doesn't come easy.  When you go to a science fiction movie, or purchase one on streaming medial you're hoping that there's a good science fiction story behind the movie like Star Wars, Star Trek, 2001 a Space Odyssey, Forbidden Planet, the Day the Earth Stood Still, Jurassic Park, etc. and lucky for all of us - My Cosmic Brain will go down as one of the best sci-fi novels of all time.  The best Audible Book has already been reached.  The best Amazon Book is already reached.  Now, we only need the title of best Science Fiction Book and it will come around due to the massive audience appeal of which I hope you the reader are now one.  When it comes to original ideas, this author Michael Mathiesen got the brilliant and ingenious idea that there could be a second 2nd big bang someday.  AND, if there was one, what it would look like and how it would impact the Earth and all of our lives.  So, it's definitely the best science fiction book you will ever read, or I will eat a bug.  You money will not be wasted.  Someday the print version of My Cosmic Brain could be worth tons more than you paid for it.  Especially if you take good care of it.  Get this book and read the HELL out of it~"  

It's coming - the 2nd Big Bang that has been missing since the beginning of time.  It's now time to unleash it on the universe and it is coming.  This greatest of all science fiction novels shares not only the how and why of this most spectacular event in history, but also why it's happening now.  Humanity has come to the end of our normal evolution and now because of our mapping of the human DNA genome, we basically hold our eventual fate in our hands.  Don't believe everything you read - but believe this.  If there is no transference of information from My Cosmic Brain to yours - all is lost for the human race.  We need just over 7 billion people, the entire population of the Earth to believe in Science Fiction over the Science Facts that have doomed us    Soon to be a New York Times Best Seller or my name is 'Star Trek Forever'  For more -  You can buy the book on Amazon - Please get your copy today and give it a review.  The Audible Book is also available on  Just search for it.  MyCosmicBrain by Michael Mathiesen

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