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The Book To End All Books

by Michael Mathiesen

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IT'S A KNOWN FACT - most of the solar systems in this galaxy and all of the others contain TWO STARS - called Binary Systems.  For some reason, our 2nd Sun - a Gas Giant filled with Hydrogen just waiting to EXPLODE INTO the 2nd Sun in our Solar System has yet to meet its fate.

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Elon Musk - Leave Twitter alone and give us a 2nd Sun! - Please?

COULD IT BE that it's been waiting for us to light the greatest candle in the darkness?



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My Cosmic Brain has been overworked very hard for the last few years but NOW we've done it.  Book predicts the COMING 2nd BIG BANG and soon the Major Motion Picture starring Johnny Depp and Amber Heard?


My Daily Environmental Journal - 100 Days To Save The Earth 

Drops Today Get Journaling inYour 100 Days!

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Get Your Earth Journal Today!

It's been proven that when you write thoughts, ideas, concepts, even your intentions down, you are far more likely to remember them and may even be able to achieve them.
If we can enlist every American, and everyone else on the planet to write down their daily thoughts about how to best save our beloved planet, there's a good chance we'll all remember them, make them our own and may even be able to achieve them.
The Daily Environmental Journal - 100 days to save the Earth is your open and viable pathway to devote the next 100 days to helping save the planet that gave you life and the beautiful planet who wants to give life to millions more generations of us, newer, better, more concerned versions of ourselves who will inevitably come to thank us for the many sacrifices that we will gladly make in order to hand over a living viable and sustainable planet to them.
I hope you will join us and start your 100 Day journey with me on what I believe is the only way to save our beloved Earth.  If you are one of those people who say - "Not for me, I'll wait for the other guy to do it" - well, that's what they all say because you are the other guy or gal that everyone's waiting for.   It's your turn to step up to the plate and take a few minutes out of your life every day to help preserve the lives of millions of others who want to enjoy their lives in future generations of the human animal.

This journal is full of things you already know you should be participating in if we are going to reverse the current climate crisis and global warming that is burning our homes and forests and destroying the ability to grow our food.  You know you need to be part of the Solution instead of part of the problem.  if you're like most us, however, you don't know how, or not how to maximize and leverage your potential to turn things around every day.
This Daily Journal to save the Earth shows you the way.  Start your own version of it today and make it your 100 day contribution.  I can't guarantee success even if millions of us start down this path, but, I can guarantee that if we don't get millions of us started down this path today, there will be fewer and fewer paths to choose from and each one will be more difficult and problematic than the previous one.

Do your family and friends a solid.  Just start with Day One, see how much better it makes you feel, what a great weight will be lifted off your shoulders and then you can go from there.

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